Polycarbonate corrugated sheets


Sintostamp’s transparent corrugated polycarbonate sheet is suitable for the construction of skylights and general roofing in civil, industrial, agricultural and recreational buildings. The exposed faces are UV-protected, our sheet main features is great resilience, purity, lightness, versatility, almost total UV -opacity, atmospheric and fire resistance, combined with a 10-year warranty on light transmission. It is an absolute qualitative product and boasts incomparable properties, not to be found anywhere else.


Store Sintostamp’s polycarbonate sheets in a horizontal flat surface on pallets or wooden bars with a support floor of at least 100 mm, keeping it indoor as long as possible. If it is stored outdoors, it must be protected from sunlight, wind and water, securely covered with a watertight matte cloth fixed with wooden girders, to ensure that the material remains ventilated in order to avoid damaging heat heaps.
Never store in piling above 1.2 meters.


Sintostamp’s polycarbonate sheet is a glazing material, and as such should always be handled with extreme caution.
Do not ever walk on polycarbonate sheets. Where access to a roof covered by polycarbonate sheets is required, please use traversed axles for at least three arches, in order to have a uniform load distribution.
Sintostamp’s polycarbonate sheets are extremely resilient, up to 200 times more than glass.


Periodic cleaning helps keep a good aspect and ensure an optimum performance. Dissolve dry filth with lukewarm water and wash with a soap and water solution, using a soft cloth or a sponge, to gently remove the dirt. If necessary, repeat this operation: clean and dry with a soft cloth.
Never use solvents or alkaline products to clean the polycarbonate sheets: do not use brushes or sharp tools that may leave marks on the surface. An incorrect cleaning, which damages the sheets in any way, will automatically cancel the warranty.

General installation recommendations

  • When installing any covering material, including light valve, make sure that safe working methods are implemented and that individual safety and security measures and means are employed.
  • Sealants and adhesive tapes must be compatible with polycarbonate.
  • All accessories used must have a clear, possibly white colour.
  • The sheets secured between a support point and the other must be fitted in the ideal condition to withstand the thermal expansion.
  • The maximum recommended length for polycarbonate sheets is 7m


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